Texas Hold’em Poker basics

Texas Hold 'em Poker is one of the most popular and widely played format of the game. It is a community card game extensively played in not just in the live casinos but also in the online formats. At Poker Dangal, you can enjoy the exclusive opportunity of playing this exciting game of Texas Hold 'em and earn conveniently. Let us tell you here some of the critical points you must remember as Texas Hold 'em Poker basics to be on the winning side.

The basics to follow in Texas hold 'em

This is how Texas Hold 'em is played in a nutshell:

  • Two Hole Cards Every player at the table is dealt with two cards which are face-down and are called the hole cards.
  • Five Community CardsTen, they are dealt with five more cards face-up called the community cards. These are dealt three at first, then the next and then another.
  • Make The Best Hand The player who has the best hand or the one who makes all other players fold wins the pot.
  • Bet Every TimeBefore and after each of the card is revealed, all players take turns to bet. There are four distinct rounds of betting, and any player can keep all their chips in the middle at any time.
  • Same amount of chips To stay in hand and see the subsequent card, all Texas hold 'em players must have put the same amount of chips in the pot as each other.
  • The best Poker hand wins the pot.

The significant variations of Texas Hold 'em Poker

There are four significant variations of Texas Hold 'em Poker which are distinguished from each other by their betting limits:

  • Limit Texas Hold'em It has a pre-determined betting limit on each round of betting.
  • No-Limit Texas Hold'em Players can bet any amount, up to all of their chips.
  • Pot Limit Texas Hold'em Players can bet any amount, up to the size of the pot.
  • Mixed Texas Hold'em It switches between rounds of Limit Texas Hold 'em and No-Limit Texas Hold 'em.

    How is Texas Hold 'em Poker played?

    In Texas Hold 'em Poker, which is played with 52 card deck, two cards among which are dealt face down to each Poker enthusiasts at the beginning of the game, and these cards are called the Hole cards. A round of betting follows it. Texas Hold 'em Poker is one of the most popular online Poker variants that can be played between 2-9 players online, having the standard deck of 52 cards that are shuffled automatically before every round of the game. To start the game, every player is given 2 cards that are visible to them, called the Hole cards. Total 5 cards are dealt face-up on the table in the 3 further game rounds- Flop, Turn, and River. The player should have the best possible 5-card Poker hand using the community cards and 2 hole cards in their hands. If the Poker has any combination of 5 cards out of total 7 cards, it can have the chance to win the game. The Poker player, who will have the best hands in the Poker game depending upon the Poker hand rankings, will win money in the pot. The game starts when every player gets 2 private cards and further proceeds with each player taking action in the clockwise manner of events starting from the player sitting left to the Big Blind.

    Knowing the BLINDS

    Before a game starts, two players to the left of the dealer make Blind Bets, and these are called blind because they are made before the players have seen any of the cards. It is termed as "posting the blinds". The bets called Blinds ensure that there is some money in the pot to play at the beginning of the game. The player who is towards the left of the dealer posts Small Blind and the second player who is towards the left of the dealer posts the Big Blind which is amounts the double of Small Blind. If the player does not have sufficient chips to make a Blind Bet, he stakes everything he has or goes for All-In. If there are just two players left, Small Blind and Big Blind are also posting, and in that case, the dealer posts Big Blind, and after that only, the first round begins.

    Gameplay of Texas Hold 'em Poker

    Knowing the specific gameplay of Texas Hold 'em Poker is crucial in ensuring your success in the game. Check out the gameplay of online Texas Hold 'em Poker that progresses in a series of 4 rounds to start playing the game:


    Players get the option to play the game after seeing how many hole cards they have. Only one player can act once and bet in the game and takes one of the available options like call, raise, fold, or check, depending upon the hole card strength. Players in this game can also bet all the chips and can involve in betting whenever they want. Betting starts with the player located left of the big blind and continues in a clockwise manner until all the players on the Poker table placed the equal bet.


    Once the pre-flop betting rounds get over in the Poker game 3 cards are dealt face-up on the table, which is termed as the Flop cards. The game starts with that player who is on the left of the button. Players here start betting similarly as like the pre-flop depending upon the strength of 3 flop cards and 2 hole cards combination and the probability of making a better Poker hand with 2 more cards yet to be played with. The first player to act in the Flop round might choose to Check as no betting has been made before him.


    The single card is dealt face-up on the table after the flop round gets over. It initiates the next round of betting similar to the previous ones based on the new combination of cards and probabilities calculated by each player remaining on the Poker table. The game starts with the active member just left to the button.


    When this turn of betting gets over the last community card left on the table is dealt face up. This is called the River. The game starts with that active player left to the button. Betting again begins similarly until the Poker table's remaining live players either have either equal bet amount or go all-in.


    All the game players can show their card that marks the Showdown in Texas Hold 'em Poker game. The payer who is having the best 5-card combination is the winner, and the winning card moves above. The winner is given the money in the pot, and the dealer button moves to the next gamer in a clockwise manner for the new round to start. If more than one winner comes forward on the Poker hand, the pot is divided between both. So, now that you are fully abreast of the basics and how Texas Hold 'em Poker is played, try out our Poker Dangal app and download it for free to practice playing it.

    Betting Rules of Texas Holdem you must know

    Before you start playing Hold 'em, you must necessarily learn the rules to be on the winning side. In the Hold 'em format, each player is dealt two private cards or the 'hole cards' that belong to them alone. Five community cards are also dealt face-up, to form the 'board'. All Poker players involved the game use these shared community cards in combination with their hole cards to each make their finest possible five-card Poker hand. A player may use any grouping of the seven cards they find to make the best possible five-card Poker hand, by using zero, one or two of their hole cards.

    For doing the betting, the player takes four actions-

    Call To match the amount of highest bet on the table in the ongoing round of Play

    Raise To increase the bet amount in the betting

    Check To continue in the game further, and the player takes this action only if he has matched the biggest bet on the Poker table

    Fold To leave the ongoing game by surrendering the hole cards to the dealer and wait for the next Poker game

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