Race to Ace

Win upto INR 1 million by generating and redeeming Dangal Points from 10th July – 10th September 2020.


All levels can be redeemed by multiple users except for KINGS and ACE.

Level King and Ace is valid for only 1st one to reach and claim – it’s a Race !!

Payout for KING i.e INR 4,50,000 will include 60% Real Cash (INR 2,70,000) and 40% Real Cash Bonus (INR 1,80,000).

Payout for ACE i.e INR 10,00,000 will include 70% Real Cash (INR 7,00,000) and 30% Real Cash Bonus (INR 3,00,000).

All Real Cash will be withdrawable and will be credited to the users Player wallet after deducting 3.75% tax on the same.

Any or all Real Cash Bonus cannot be used to play any tournaments but only on cash tables and any winnings from the same can be withdrawn immediately.

In case a user opts for any gadget, it may take up to 15 - 30 days for delivery.

Any or all government taxes on the prizes (if it’s not cash rewards) won will be borne by the winner.

Images, interviews, testimonials, etc to be provided by the winners if required by PokerDangal or its Media Partners.

In case of any dispute PokerDangal’s decision will be final