Online Poker Tournaments in India – 2020

Want to make it big playing in online Poker tournaments in India? Poker Dangal gives you the opportunity to play like a pro and win handsomely. You can win BIG playing our tournaments and withdraw money to your bank account just within 30 seconds! Explore it now! At Poker Dangal, you'll find a suite of features not available anywhere else.

Hyper Turbo 2K (R+A) 33 Holdem - No Limit / Re-entry/ Add-on - daily 11am, 11pm 2,000
Afternoon Fun - 10K GTD (RE) 110 Holdem - No Limit / Re-entry - daily 12:00 PM 10,000
Lunch Grind - 30K GTD (RE) 220 Holdem - No Limit / Re-entry Daily 2:30 PM 30,000
Daily Freeroll - 2K (RE) Holdem - No Limit / Re-entry Daily 5:00 PM 2,000
Daily Freeroll - 500 (RE) Holdem - No Limit / Re-entry Daily 9am, 11pm 500
Daily 1K @ 22 22 Holdem - No Limit / Re-entry / Add-on Daily 1pm, 4pm, 9pm 1,000
Dangal Dinner - 10K 110 Holdem - No Limit / Re-entry   Daily 10:00 PM 10,000
Insomnia - 30K (RE) 550 Holdem - No Limit / Re-entry   Daily 12:00 AM 30,000
Monday Blues - 75K 440 Holdem - No Limit / Re-entry Monday Weekly 8:00 PM 75,000
Battlefield Tuesday (WTB) 1100 Holdem - No Limit / Re-entry Tuesday Weekly 8:00 PM 1,00,000
Wednesday PLO(RE) 660 Holdem - No Limit / Re-entry Wednesday Weekly 8:00 PM 1,00,000
Warrior Arena ( Bounty - RE ) 1100 +400 Holdem - No Limit / Re-entry Thursday Weekly 8:00 PM 1,20,000
Dangal Friday(RE) 990 Holdem - No Limit / Re-entry Friday Weekly 8:00 PM 1,20,000
Weekend Fun - 50K 550 Holdem - No Limit / Re-entry Saturday Weekly 8:00 PM 50,000
Weekly freeroll - 10K Holdem - No Limit / Re-entry Sunday Weekly 7:00 PM 10,000
Depositors freeroll - 25K Holdem - No Limit / Re-entry Sunday Weekly 9:00 PM 25,000

Here are some of the most rewarding and exciting benefits to look for while playing an online tournament here!

Real-time Transaction History

Get a real-time, detailed history of all your preceding financial transactions, comprising of all deposits, cashouts and bonuses, easily accessible just within the game software at the click of a button. This standard of transparency and account integrity maintained by Poker Dangal is unmatched and makes us a trusted site for the gamers.

Instant deposits and withdrawals

This facility allows you to make a deposit or withdraw effortlessly at the click of a button, even while in the game directly from the poker table, making it a fantastic experience.

Freerolls tournaments

We offer you 6 Freerolls tournaments every day so that you can participate without paying anything. Freerolls are ideal for playing the game without risking your money. By learning the strategies of the game, you can increase your bankroll considerably through Freerolls.

Best practices of the game

At Poker Dangal, we abide by the best practices of responsible gaming and ensure you maximum security from data theft and other internet viruses. Therefore, you can enjoy the game and reap the benefits for FREE.