Texas Holdem Promotions

From 25th March, win upto INR 15,000 bonus in a single hand. Hit the below mentioned combinations and win money :

Prizes :

Dealt Pocket Kings i.e KK – INR 200

Dealt Pocket Aces i.e AA – INR 500

Three of a Kind - 10% of table’s maximum Buy in.

Straight – 15% of table’s maximum Buy in.

Flush – 20% of table’s maximum Buy in.

Fullhouse – 30% of table’s maximum Buy in.

Four of a Kind – 50% of table’s maximum Buy in.

Straight Flush – 100% of table’s maximum Buy in.

Royal Flush – INR 15,000 Flat irrespective of table stakes.



Both the dealt cards should be used to make the combination.

Prize is not valid if the showdown does not happen. For only points 1 & 2 that is Dealt AA or KK the game should happen minimum post flop (i.e first 3 cards on the board).

For point numbers 3 - 9 the prize will be valid for winning hand only.

Heads Up hands will not be valid for any of the above mentioned prizes.

The above mentioned prizes will be in the form of Real Cash Bonus and will not be directly withdrawable, but can be used to play cash games.

Any player can claim these bonus combinations maximum twice in a day.

This promotion is valid across all Stakes of Texas Holdem cash tables only.

To avail the bonus the player need to fill this form bit.ly/PDTexasPromoForm Only correctly filled entries will qualify for the prize. If the form is filled twice for same hand, it may result in disqualification

Prizes will be awarded within 48 hours.

Last date for receiving any entries for this contest shall be 2:00 AM on 01-APR-2020. Any entries received after that will not be considered.

In case of any dispute PokerDangal’s decision will be final