Instant Currency

PokerDangal launches “Dangal ATM” with Instant Currency feature with withdrawals hitting your bank account within 30 seconds.

For the 1st time in India, PokerDangal launches Dual Currency - Real Cash Games. With this, players can enjoy industry leading bonuses/Free-rolls and Instant Cash-outs within seconds both on the same website.

Playing on Dual Currency Tables on PokerDangal

The PokerDangal lobby now has tabs showing both Instant and Regular Currency tables.

Players can choose whichever type of tables they would like to play – Instant or Regular.

Player can view their balances (Instant & Regular Currencies) at the top right corner in the lobby.

Making a Deposit

The procedure for making a deposit on PokerDangal largely remains the same as earlier.

Please click on the buy chips section in the lobby.

Once you are on the deposit page, please select the type of currency (Instant or Regular), which you would like to deposit.

The deposit codes for each currency are mentioned at the bottom of respective deposit pages.

Once your deposit is complete, you can check your account balance by clicking on the My Account tab on top-left section of the deposit page.

Withdrawing your Winnings

Now this is the best part. You can withdraw your winnings simply by clicking on Withdraw Chips tab. At the withdrawal page, please select the type of currency you would like to withdraw.

Regular Cash-outs are processed within 24-48 hrs.

Instant Cash-outs are processed immediately and the player will receive these funds in their bank accounts within seconds of making the withdrawal request.

The terms and conditions of withdrawals are mentioned at the bottom of the withdrawal chips page.

Before initiating a withdrawal, the player needs to complete their profile by updating their bank details and uploading their KYC Docs which will be approved within 24 hrs.

That’s it, you are all set to play and enjoy on PokerDangal!

Terms and Condition

Instant Cash-out feature will be activated for players only after successful submission and approval of KYC Docs

For existing players who already have their KYC’s approved, Instant Cash-out feature will be automatically activated

Players can use our INSTANT CASH OUT feature for a maximum of 3 times in 24 hrs (00:00 Hrs to 24:00 Hrs).

Instant Cashouts happen for any amount less than Rs.9999/- (This amount is not restricted to one withdrawal, but the summation of withdrawals in 24hrs).

Withdrawals more than Rs.9,999/-, will be processed within 2 working days and may be liable to 30% TDS

Minimum amount to be withdraw-able shall be Rs. 50.

Regular cash balance can’t be withdrawn through the Instant currency route

Unclaimed bonus will be unlocked in form of Instant currency

Tournament winnings as of now are not part of Instant currency

Some banks do not support IMPS/ Instant withdrawals, hence the Cashout time in these cases will depend upon the receiver’s bank efficiency

Instant Currency is valid only on Instant Currency tables and not at “Regular Currency” tables

In case you have any queries, please contact our Customer care team