As per the Government Policy under Section 194B of the Income Tax Act any user willing to withdraw INR 10,000 or more is liable to pay 30% tax.

TDS Rule on Poker Dangal :

There is no TDS deduction on any withdrawal less than INR 10,000 in a single day.

Any amount used on tables along with winnings become liable to tax.

Example :

For Cash Tables :

Let's say a user deposits INR 20,000 but uses only 10,000 to play on a table. If the user wins INR 20,000 on top of that on the table then his total balance becomes INR 40,000. If the player wants to withdraw the whole amount then 30 % TDS will be applicable only on INR 30,000.

For Tournament winnings :

Let's say a user Buy’s a ticket for INR 550 for a 50K GTD tournament and wins it for the prize amount of INR 20K. If the user is willing to withdraw the whole amount in a single day then 30% TDS will be deducted on INR 20,000.

Promotions for TDS :

A 50% TDS refund will be given to all users in terms of Promotional Chips (Real Cash Bonus).

*Please note the TDS refund promo chips will be added to the user’s account within 24 hours.