Hands and Rules to Play Texas Hold’em Poker

Every player interested in playing Texas Hold’em, the poker players are dealt with two face down cards known as “hole cards”. There are rounds of betting that includes – Bet, flop and check. This stage is popularly termed as the “pre-flop” and the players need to depend completely on the starting hands or hole cards while playing Texas Hold’em Poker.

After the betting is complete, three cards are shared which are dealt face up and kept in the middle of the table. This step is called the “flop”. After this there is another round of betting and the fourth card known as the “turn” is also dealt. Followed by this is another round of betting commences after this and the final card is shared on the table called the “river”. After all the cards are kept face up in the middle of the table the last round of betting continues. The best hand of the game is determined takin in consideration the hole cards and the five exposed cards.


The game can end in two ways:

Show down; this happens when the players turn over their hole card and the best hand wins.

The other way is that one player bets so that the others at the table fold. This remains the magic of the game as always

Hands that can win:

Let’s take a look at the Texas Hold’em Poker Hands:

Royal Flush – Ace high straight flush. For example – A-K-Q-J-10 of diamonds.

Straight flush – five card straight of same suit. For Example – 3-4-5-6-7 of hearts/spades/diamonds/clubs.

Four of a kind – Four cards pf equal value – For Example – 4 Jacks.

Full house – A pair and three cards of same value – For Example –Q-Q-Q-2-2

Flush – Any 5 cards of same suit – For Example – 2, 3, 4, Q, J of spades.

Three of a kind – Three Cards of same value. For Example – A-A-A

Two pairs – Two Cards of one value another two cards of another same value – For Example – 3 – J-J-A-A

Pair – Two cards of same rank – 2 Qs

High Card – The hand with the highest cards. If there are two or more players hold the high cards, kickers come into play.