Loyalty Points

From 1st Sep – 25th Sep, the Dangal Points accumulated can be converted for direct cash chips starting from 500 Dangal points.


The Challenge is valid only on instant currency tables.

Dangal Points generated between 1st September 00:00:00 – 25th September 23:59:00 will be taken into consideration.

The Dangal Points converted to cash during this duration will not be taken into consideration.

Each player can claim only 1 prize of 1 step.

The eligible Dangal points after the completion of the Step Challenge will be taken back from users Dangal Balance and will not be available for conversion to cash.

After completion of their desired step, a player can opt out and claim their prize. He /She can start playing again to qualify for another step. However after claiming the prize the second grind starts from scratch.

Images, interviews, testimonials, etc to be provided by the winners if required by PokerDangal or its Media Partners.

In case of any dispute PokerDangal's decision will be final