A Quick Guide Texas Hold’em Poker and Tourneys

Popularity of playing poker is increasing with each passing day. To keep up with the pace, Poker Dangal have designed various user-friendly tourneys on week days and weekends. Try your hands at the free roll and the tournaments that offers a guaranteed pool prize of fity thousand and more!

Poker Dangal Tourney:

If you are an online poker buff, take a look at the poker tourneys at Poker Dangal that is especially designed to satisfy your playing spree: let’s take an insight of theexisting tournament at the site while you are interested to play poker online games:

Tourney Name  TimeGame Type
Monday PLO – 50 k 9:00 PM Omaha – Pot Limit/re-entry (@225)
Tuesday Trips – 30 k 9:00 PM Hold’em – No limit/ Re-entry
Wow Wednesday – 40 k 9:00 PM Hold’em – No limit/ Re-entry/ Add-on
Thursday Texas – 10 k 9:00 PM Hold’em – No limit/ Re-entry/ Add-on
Dangal Friday – 1 lac 9:00 PM Hold’em – No limit/ Re-entry(@375)
Free Entry – 10 K (Saturday) 5:00 PM Hold’em – No limit/ Re-entry (@11)/ Add-on (@11)
Dangal Supreme – 2 Lac (Sunday) 5:00 PM Hold’em – No limit/ Re-entry

Engage yourself with the afore stated weekly tournaments along with other attractions like

Daily evening – 2 K 7:30 PM Hold’em – No limit/ Re-entry/ Add-on
Daily Afternoon – 5 K 3:00 PM Hold’em – No limit/ Re-entry

Tips to play Texas Hold’em Online:

Winning a good fortune and becoming one of the unbeatable at the table is a dream of every poker player. But many of the players fail to do so even with several years of experience in the game. Poker is not only about learning the strategies and playing the game. This is a popular sport famously referred to as eSports that offer valuable life lessons; the players need to be committed, disciplined and make continuous attempts to master the game. Start playing free online poker games to know the odds and strategies of the game.

“Make hay while the sun shines” stands true to the game which solely relies on taking the correct decision at the right time. Reduction of risk with each hand dealt perfectly and maximization of profits will make you a true poker player. Here are a few words from the pro that will help you learn what the Texas Hold’em poker is all about:

• Play the Hands dealt

It is almost impossible to always get good cards. At the same time, if you fold with each bad hand every time at the poker table, you will never learn how to deal with the odds. Therefore, continue playing with the bad hands and learn the odds that could be in turned in to your favour. The value of probability and mathematical calculations are important. The card strength is merely an issue when a poker player knows to judge the situation well and analyses the game accordingly.

• Mark the position at Poker Table

In the game of poker, position of the poker player is important and offers the players with great advantage at times. There is three position at a poker table – blinds and under the gun which constitutes the first position, middle position and last position. Along with the hands that you are dealt with try to pay attention to the position of yours along with the cards. The possibilities of winning increases when you are the last one to act. The reason being that by the time it is your turn the others have either folded or made their bets on the table. This makes taking decisions easier. This also helps in deciding on the bet sizes and also know the hand sizes of each player if you pay a little bit of attention towards their action.

• Control your Emotion Before It Can Control You

It is very important to learn controlling your emotion before it can control you. Along with mastering the skills of poker the players must also learn how to control their tendencies. Falling a victim to frustration and anger is like killing the game with your own hands. These emotions often cause a person to take bad decision and ultimately lose the game in the course. Therefore, never let your emotions direct your gameplay; learn the art of making poker faces so that others do not understand your actions and hand strength.

Apart from the aforesaid factors, there are various others that a poker player needs to check – understand the opponents well by keeping a watch on their strategies and actions, play the game that your bankroll can afford and deal with the downfalls in the poker games.

Play Daily Tourneys to Earn at Your Leisure

Are you a poker enthusiast? How about taking the game as your part-time income source? With steady growth in the poker gaming growth, more and more Indians are engaged in playing the game online. Online poker gaming offers you the scope to enjoy the game in the comfort of your home and earn through skills. Poker Dangal with the tagline – “Where Skills Meet Fortune” opens a world full of possibilities for the ardent poker enthusiasts. Play poker online and earn in lakhs or more with the daily tourneys.

What makes Poker Dangal a popular online platform?

To accessibility of the games of the online platform both in computers and mobile makes Poker Dangal a popular choice. The players can engage in the tourneys while travelling, at work or home. The other factors that work sublime to increase the fame of the site could be recorded as below:

Ease of transaction.

Daily tourneys with free rolls and minimum Buy-In.

Transparent transaction and withdrawal process.

User-friendly interface.

Mobile-friendly site and chances to win with every new registration/ game.

How to learn the game and start playing?

This question lurks at the mind of every amateur player who are interested in playing the game. Here are a few suggestions that could be followed while you are interested in playing the game:

Start playing the game on various online platforms to gain real-time experiences of poker tables. Play cash games and tourneys both cash and free rolls to understand each odd associated with the hands, learn the rules and lingo, game formats. Prize structure and so on.

You can learn the game from professional poker players ready to offer you coaching and derive valuable insights from the ones who are experienced as well as associated with the game.

Follow books, magazines, videos, tutorials and join forums of poker gaming. Share your gaming experience and discuss them at the forums to analyse the possible mistakes made and the best way to win a tournament. Learn when exactly you need to bluff. How to deal with bad hands, when to fold, check, raise or bet.

How to improve your game?

“Poker is a day to learn and take a lifetime to master” – let these words from Robert Williamson II be your guide at the poker tables. Engage voraciously in the activity of playing poker every single day. Learn to handle each odd that comes your way. A good hand at the table cannot be expected all the time, therefore. Mastering the game with every single failure is necessary. The scenario of Indian poker changed ever since the online sites offers the scope to try your hands at free rolls. Self-evaluation and bankroll management are the two essential things that will help you survive at the table.

A poker player must always have good control over his emotions and that’s when a poker face comes into action. You must learn the art of keeping your thoughts to yourself when you get a bad beat or face a consistent downswing. Though this isn’t much necessary while playing the game online, yet remember to play the game with a cool brain always. Take hasty and unplanned decisions might harm your winning even if you have a good hand. Think and behave rationally whatever might be situation. At Poker Dangal, we guarantee a whole new experience with the recently revamped website and mobile application. Safe gaming environment of Dangal is sure to change the Indian Poker scenario and boost the popularity of the game pushing all limits!

So, what are you waiting for? Keep grinding and shout out/ #AbDangalHoga!

Hands and Rules to Play Texas Hold’em Poker

Every player interested in playing Texas Hold’em, the poker players are dealt with two face down cards known as “hole cards”. There are rounds of betting that includes – Bet, flop and check. This stage is popularly termed as the “pre-flop” and the players need to depend completely on the starting hands or hole cards while playing Texas Hold’em Poker.

After the betting is complete, three cards are shared which are dealt face up and kept in the middle of the table. This step is called the “flop”. After this there is another round of betting and the fourth card known as the “turn” is also dealt. Followed by this is another round of betting commences after this and the final card is shared on the table called the “river”. After all the cards are kept face up in the middle of the table the last round of betting continues. The best hand of the game is determined takin in consideration the hole cards and the five exposed cards.


The game can end in two ways:

Show down; this happens when the players turn over their hole card and the best hand wins.

The other way is that one player bets so that the others at the table fold. This remains the magic of the game as always

Hands that can win:

Let’s take a look at the Texas Hold’em Poker Hands:

Royal Flush – Ace high straight flush. For example – A-K-Q-J-10 of diamonds.

Straight flush – five card straight of same suit. For Example – 3-4-5-6-7 of hearts/spades/diamonds/clubs.

Four of a kind – Four cards pf equal value – For Example – 4 Jacks.

Full house – A pair and three cards of same value – For Example –Q-Q-Q-2-2

Flush – Any 5 cards of same suit – For Example – 2, 3, 4, Q, J of spades.

Three of a kind – Three Cards of same value. For Example – A-A-A

Two pairs – Two Cards of one value another two cards of another same value – For Example – 3 – J-J-A-A

Pair – Two cards of same rank – 2 Qs

High Card – The hand with the highest cards. If there are two or more players hold the high cards, kickers come into play.